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Home forms the vital part of who we are, as both individuals and collectives. We all experience emotions of belonging and displacement, of feeling “at home”, or away from it, and activities of thinking about old homes and building new homes, of migrating, settling, home-making, and community-building, and our capacity to imagine and develop the world as a global home relies on our sense of home.

This website is aimed at creating a platform for communities and organizations that are interested in the questions of home and community and that work at micro and macro level to promote diversity, equality, and an all-inclusive society. It can be used to exchange and share ideas, promote your events and enhance the visibility of your organization. For more information please e-mail

This website was conceived as part of the project Thinking Home Communities, run by Professor Sanja Bahun and Dr Mary Mazzilli from the University of Essex. For more information about the project, please click on the About section.

This website also provides resources for general use and teaching purposes relating to the Thinking Home Communities project.

Funded by the university of essex


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