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About The Site

This interactive website has been conceived as part of the project Thinking Home Communities and it aims to empower collectives and organizations that work at micro and macro level to promote diversity, equality and an all-inclusive society. Thinking Home Communities has so far engaged various communities and contributors to the debate on home in East Anglia and London area, but we also invite national and international communities and organizations to take part.

Professor Sanja Bahun and Dr Mary Mazzilli project Thinking Home Communities has focused on the interaction between the notions and experiences of home and community and on the emotional dimension of home, including issues of homemaking and homelessness. The researchers’ aspiration has been to expand our thinking about home by the inclusion of voices that are rarely heard in this debate. This web-site is one way to reach out to such communities; to you.

Our project has already had some public outputs: the publication of the volume of essays and artistic contributions called Thinking Home, ed. Sanja Bahun and Bojana Petrić (Bloomsbury, 2018), which approaches the questions of home from cross-disciplinary, multi-scalar, and multi-sectoral perspectives and Mary Mazzilli’s stage play Priority Seating which is based on the interviews Mary conducted with members of Chinese, Filipino, Polish and Syrian communities from Colchester. The play, which investigates the multiple meanings of home for immigrant communities, was awarded Arts Council Grants for the Arts and the Impact Acceleration Account from the University of Essex. Other main activities that have been carried out as part of this project include workshops with primary and secondary schools, creative writing workshop in prison, book festival events, academic and policy symposia, exhibitions, and many others.